[Spit-Project] Late period pot

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Apr 23 14:36:31 PDT 2009

Sorry to have posted the post about the pot and caused apoplexy among 
everyone on this list.

Having just returned from Hampton Court where they cook with very nice
expensive reproduction pots,  I think in an open fire situation in the 
SCA, I'd
go with cast iron myself, unless I was sure I was the only one using the pot
and taking care of it. A set of very nice large pots could be a house 
Boil a tin lined pot or pan dry and you are looking at having to have it 

GooseBay has some interesting stuff.
Likewise *Carl and Marcia Giordano*


Terri Morgan wrote:
> I admit, I didn't post it to the dedicated cook's lists because I knew that
> the cast iron/not cast iron point would be made and did not want to get into
> the 'letting the best be the enemy of the good' argument. Where I did post
> it, it was specifically to encourage those folks who would like to start
> cooking over an open fire but are hesitant to begin because of their lack of
> knowledge/resources for cookware that won't bust their bank - hobbyists, as
> opposed to the Cooking Addicts we have here. :)
> Baby steps. Once they have tasted of the nectar, then we shall reel them in
> for crockery-cooking, earthen ovens, and bronzeware. (And since you brought
> it up, Phlip, do you have a suggestion as to where someone could find that
> sort of pot in the proper metal? Foodsafe? 'Cause barring that, I'm afraid
> that I would call myself a hobbyist and go with the cast iron too, even
> knowing the differences in flavour and cooking method.)
> Hrothny

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