[Steppes] An old friend

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HL Margaret left a real void when she stopped playing SCA.  She designed several of the kingdom award charters that are still in use today, wove yards upon yards of trim, spun wool and silk finer than any I've seen before or since, taught many excellent classes on fiber arts and C&I, created some of the most awe-inspiring original scrolls that have ever been made in the SCA, and was in general one of the most talented and generous persons it has ever been my privilege to know.  The bears-for-charity sewing parties the barony had at her instigation and under her supervision were an amazing example of the barony coming together to give of iteself for unselfish reasons.  I wish her nothing but the best of luck wherever she goes.


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Margaret was the head of the C&I guild when Genevieve and I moved to the Steppes. She fostered the passion for calligraphy and illumination into us, a gift that we have treasured and tried to return to the community.

I am glad to hear that she is still alive and well, and wish her the best as she goes out west to tend to her mother.



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