[Vindheim] Calendar Check-In

Vindheim Calendar Deputy vindheim-calendar at seneschal.ansteorra.org
Fri Jun 16 07:52:34 PDT 2023

Greetings Vindheim!

I'm your Principality Calendar Deputy, and I need some help getting our
mutual calendar up to speed.

To help our system find your events, we need the following things:
-- A&S meetings/events, we need the word SCIENCE in the event name OR
-- Practices of any kind, we need the word PRACTICE in the event name OR

And finally we want ALL calendar entries to include "This event is
sponsored by the Society for Creative Anachronism." and a link to your
group's website.

This will help people find us, which helps us all!

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Elsa von Snackenberg, Pelican, LION
Vindheim Calendar Deputy
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