[Ansteorra-announce] Defender Celtic Encampment

S.McFarlane tanwyn at flash.net
Thu Aug 30 09:36:23 PDT 2001

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Greetings all...
I am Tanwyn Aniera of Elfsea, and I am the coordinator for the Celtic /
Norse Encampment at this year's Elfsea Defender. I would like to extend
an invitation for those of you who are planning on attending Defender
this year, and would like to camp Celtic/Norse "please contact me
ASAP!"  ( tanwyn at flash.net ) 817-465-5148 hm  817-845-5483 cell

I have some nice plans for our encampment, and as always there is a
prize chest that goes to the winning encampment.  This years prize chest
is a wonderful Handmade wooden chest, filled with untold riches. This
will be divided amongst the members of the winning encampment.

Period Pavilions are not necessary... mundane tents can be camouflaged
just fine  ;o)

I am in need of a few items to be used within the encampment:
Celtic Banners
Portable holes
Tiki torches

PLEASE Contact me if you would like to become a Celt or a Norse man for
the weekend. Defender is almost here and I need to finish getting
everything lined out.

Remember to reply to tanwyn at flash.net  not the list

Yours In Service,
HL Tanwyn~

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