[Ansteorra-announce] correcting Thistles and Comets

Rumil Fletcher zodiacus at ansteorra.org
Tue Sep 25 11:06:57 PDT 2001

Greetings Ansteorra,

When a Sable Comet is awarded to an individual, it is always given
for a specific area of expertise.  But sometimes, that area of
expertise is not recorded on the court report.  I have identified
several recipients of the Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, listed below.
If you are one of these people, could you please write to me
privately and tell me the area of expertise so that I may correct the


Adriana Hamilton 			02/03/2001
Arianne Lancaster 			02/21/1998
Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds 		05/06/1995
Brighid O'Flaitheartaigh 		06/08/1991
Brigitta Frenzl 			05/12/2001
Charles Pierre de Bourbon 		04/24/1999
Christifon of Westgate 			02/17/2001
Craig von Baragon 			09/13/1997
Daria Tayt 				01/24/1987
Fridhur Haralds 			05/13/1995
Gwenllian merch Gwyn 			04/24/1993
Isolde von Rugen 			01/06/2001
Javal ni Ruadhri 			07/31/1993
Joshua Llywyllyn de Boer 		02/21/1998
Kainin Tepesa 				01/22/2000
Kemma of Westgate 			02/17/2001
Laurent Ragan Ruthven 			05/20/1999
Madog Cochfarf 				02/08/1997
Maelgwyn Dda				05/21/1994
Margaret MacDuff 			02/16/2000
Merewyn Gray 				07/08/1985
Michael of Oland 			12/13/1986
Peregrine of the Crescent Hawks 	01/26/1991
Philippe L'Heureux 			02/14/1998
Rhiannon Redwolf 			11/16/1996
Suannoch nghean nhic choinnich		02/17/2001
Tara MacLeod 				09/28/1996
Terric Bearsmountain 			05/06/1989
Thomas Atte Wood 			12/09/2000
Timothy of Glastonbury 			12/09/2000
Tom the Elder 				04/25/1998
Vance Sigmondson 			02/13/1993
Wayne of the Heights 			07/27/1996
Yeager Wolfer 				09/11/1999

Also, the same situation applies with the Sable Comet of Ansteorra.
It is always given for service to a specific, non-baronial group.  I
have listed below a number of individuals who have received the Sable
Comet of Ansteorra, but the group was not listed.  If you are one of
these people, please write me and let me know what group you received
your comet for.


Adelaide de Bourbon 			02/14/1997
Alessandro Falieri 			12/05/1998
Alistair MacFeargus 			08/21/1997
Alyssa of Rosewood 			09/17/1994
Amryah hap Illys de Viscio 		10/28/2000
Angelique de Ruthven 			08/12/2000
Ayesha Trentacapilli di Salarno 	10/04/1997
Caitlin nic Aindreis of Dumbarton 	12/30/1995
Connor na Mara 				04/10/1999
Daffyd Whittaker 			09/30/1995
David Failbe Falconer 			05/28/1998
Gabriela Alatea D'avila 		08/26/2000
Gwaelynn Mac Mathghamhna 		10/04/1997
Harold Graybeard 			06/30/1996
Helene Quivermont 			08/26/2000
Hurrem Khan 				01/22/2000
Iosef of Greywood 			06/16/2001
Katrinn Astrid Dagsdottir 		03/29/1986
Llew yr Meilin 				01/06/2001
Lucas Spenser 				10/04/1997
Maire Pacok O'Nolan 			05/28/1998
Marguerite Du Bois 			12/16/2000
Maureen Faulkner 			09/09/2000
Mikaela of Kiev 			12/16/2000
Ogden the Blue 				09/01/2001
Safiye op Griffith 			10/28/2000
Thomas O'Toole 				11/29/1996
Vallust Balstene 			01/14/1984
Walstod the Unsteady 			01/20/1996

Many thanks,

Rumil Fletcher
zodiacus at ansteorra.org

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