[Ansteorra-announce] Southern Regional Scribe - Position Opening

RJ Allen chrystalamacruari at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 09:45:37 PST 2006

  Southern Regional Scribe: Position Opening
  Applications are being accepted for the Southern Regional Scribe position to start March 1st. For questions about the office, consult with HE Chrystal Ariana MacRuari (chrystalamacruari at yahoo.com) or the Star Signet, Mistress Hillary Greenslade (hillaryrg at yahoo.com). 
  Please send applications to current Southern Regional, HE Chrystal and to Star Signet, Mistress Hillary (see back of BlackStar for contact info). Deadline for applications is in hand's of SR/SS by February 24, 2006. Please include Application for Kingdom Office (contact information) and a copy of your current SCA membership card.
  HE Chrystal Ariana MacRuari
  Southern Regional Scribe


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