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Sun Oct 3 07:50:19 PDT 2010

  The Year is 1425, and in Paris, France, a huge revival of Greek and 
Roman Mythology are being enjoyed by all. Please join Their Ursine 
Excellencies Philippe and Suzanne and the Barony of Bjornsborg as they 
host a Pas d'Armes to celebrate the myth of the Judgment of Paris.

When Paris was given the decision to choose the fairest goddess, Hera, 
Athena, or Aphrodite, he based his decision on the proposed gifts that 
were offered. Bjornsborg's Pas will allow the goddesses to determine 
their own champions, based on each of their individual virtues:

- Hera will choose a champion based on Loyalty and Prowess.
- Athena will choose a champion based on Wisdom and Strategy.
- Aphrodite will choose a champion based on Love and Courtesy.

FIGHTING: This is a chivalric judged tournament. There will be many 
fighting scenarios with quite a few surprises. Bring your weapons and 
come prepared!

ARTISAN SPONSORSHIP: The Baron and Baroness require sponsorship by an 
artisan to be considered as a winner in the tournament, and ask that you 
bring a token of the artisan's work.

LETTERS OF INTENT: Letters of intent are highly encouraged, but not 
required. Largesse will be given by Their Excellencies for the Letter of 
Intent that pleases them most.

A&S COMPETITION: The theme is The Virtues of the Goddesses as noted 
above. Only one entry per artisan, please. There will also be space for 
'Display only' items.

PUMPKIN CARVING COMPETITION: Our traditional pumpkin carving competition 
will be held. Please plan to bring your own tools.

Please join the Barony of Bjornsborg on October 15-17th at the Seguin 
Outdoor Learning Center in Seguin, Texas for a weekend of fun, friends, 
art and fighting!  More information on the event can be found in the 
Black Star and on the web at 

ACCEPS is currently open for this event.

Branwen le Baxtere & William Harper
Event Stewards


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