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Sat Sep 22 09:06:00 PDT 2007

Susan Fox wrote:
> Suey wrote:
>> Perry tells us that this cookbook was written by Kisra Anushirwan 
>> ibn-Barzajamhar. Does and one have any information about this like when 
>> and where it was written and who was he?
>> Sue
>> _________________
> A review of Perry's COOKING WITH THE CALIPHS says:
> "Noodles were usually cooked in soup. The book recounts a quite 
> unbelievable story of their supposed invention by the sixth-century 
> Persian king Khusraw Anushirwan: He offhandedly tells his cook to throw 
> ?some pieces of dough? into his soup."
> <http://ageofjahiliyah.wordpress.com/2006/10/05/cooking-with-the-caliphs/>
    Yeah I know. It seems that both references are talking about Khusraw 
Anushirwan the Persian king of the 6th Century although so many names 
spelled differently causes confusion.
    Perry´s translation of An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th 
    "It is said in Anushirwan's cookbook[53] 
that he who wants his health to last should not eat foods that have 
spent a night in a copper container. . . "
and the footnote reads:
cookbook has already been mentioned on the first page preceding this 
text. al-Shaquri, p. 52v, mentions the book and identifies it as that of 
Kisra Anushirwan ibn-Barzajamhar. (HM) Chosroes is the Greek spelling of 
the Persian name Khusrau, Kisra the Arabic. (CP)"
HM is /Huici Miranda (editor of the Arab edition and author of a Spanish 
translation) /and CP is Charles Perry.
/    /I have no knowledge of the "al'Shaquri" text but David Friedman 
also seems to be familiar with it. Anushirwan is mentioned in /One 
Thousand and One Nights /and in history texts but I can find no other 
information about a cookbook written during his reign. I would like to 
know a little more about it.

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