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Johnnae asked:

> Did they have a recipe for this way of doing these small pies?

They did not give one, save that they were meat pies.  In fact, they were making two kinds: those on the front left corner of the grill, shaped like the traditional pork-pie discussed recently; and pierogi-shaped ones on the front-right corner.  Their demonstration was to show how a small cooking fire could be used for multiple purposes simultaneously - note they were also cooking meat in a skillet and baking a small round loaf.


At the same event, an Anglo-Saxon camp was roasting a rabbit on a spinning string rig, and a Norse group had a literal groaning board.  And the Landschnects were making a cabbage dish, and WWI Red Cross ladies were passing out freshly-made donuts, and a Jacobean bakery was baking with a table-top, clay oven . . . One group even brought a period breed of chickens to enhance their encampment.


At the next year's event, I had a fascinating talk with the unit cook for a Federal Army Engineering and Surveying troop (American Civil War).  No one was interested in his frighteningly detailed and well-stocked kitchen (silly people), so I got to spend a delightful hour listening uninterrupted to him talking about canned goods and food transport and sanitation practices and field prepping three meals a day. The different encampments are in competition for authenticity and completeness of equipment and supplies as well as uniforms so, other than the judges, I was probably the only person he got to talk to about his kitchen.  He was as scary in his field of knowledge as some of the people on this list are about medieval cookery.


Military Through the Ages takes place every March, and is worth a side trip if you're in the Williamsburg/Jamestown area.



(who will likely be flying out from Oklahoma to MTA again next year)


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