[Sca-cooks] Grilled lamb intestines, yummy!

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Tue Dec 15 15:12:56 PST 2009

On Dec 15, 2009, at 4:53 PM, Christiane wrote:

> Ok, maybe not yummy, but the subject line caught your attention, didn't it? Apparently these are authentic Palermo street food:
> http://www.parlafood.com/stigghiuole-palermo-street-food/#more-3756
> Me, I'd probably like them, but then again I seem to like offal. I really want to try the grilled spleen sandwiches, pane ca' meusa:
> http://www.parlafood.com/pane-ca-meusa/
> This is a fun blog. Great photos too. And if I ever find a recipe for setteveli (a seven layer cake with hazelnut cream, chocolate mousse, pralines, etc.) I will surely share it.
> But back to the lamb guts on a stick, is this popular in other areas of the Meditteranean?

Every September [?] at the San Gennaro festival in New York's Little Italy (and presumably elsewhere) hidden among the people selling various sausage and pepper sandwiches and suchlike stuff are the hardcore guys selling (somewhat surreptitiously) veal sweetbreads rolled in chopped garlic, fresh parsley, and lamb or pork intestines, then wrapped in caul fat and grilled.

It turns out my local Italian butcher shop (which is not in Manhattan) is The Official Purveyor of Sweetbreads So Rolled, so I can buy them there and grill them myself in the off-season...

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