[Sca-cooks] oily marzipan Vol 44, Issue 69

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Mon Dec 21 10:47:01 PST 2009

>From a friend who has worked with marzipan but not in SCA.

If sticky, use cornstarch or arrowroot
If oily, use a papertowel and blot it
If using a mold, one should freeze the filled mold for easy removal (do not
dust the mold with cornstarch) .
If making from scratch, after mixing the ingredients together place in
Ziploc freezer bag and place in frig for about a month. Then take is out and
knead it. If it becomes oily you may have kneaded it too much or the kitchen
is to warm. Try to knead it on a cool surface but not cold.
If your marzapan is to stiff you can add corn syrup or honey in very small
amounts to soften it. Note that this will change the flavor a bit. If the
marzipan is too soft (which she has never had this problem) she has been
told that she could add fondant to it, a 2-1 ratio of marzipan to fondant.

The glaze she has is standard
2T light corn syrup, 1/4 cp. water
Mix together in a sauce pan and heat to boiling till the corn syrup has
dissolved or basically has intigrated into the water. Cool, brush on
marzipan fruits.

Hope this helps

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