[Sca-cooks] 'Tis the season...

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 31 19:04:13 PST 2009

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> <<< Last time I looked, Ikea stores carried it in the freezer 
> section.  God
> help us all.
> God Yul,
> Selene >>>
> There is an Ikea store in the Austin area. Not close, but reachable. 
> It wasn't too far from where I was working last fall. Should've taken 
> the time to go in and wander around, I guess.
> Anyone know how the lutefisk they sell compares to the "real thing"? 
> Or since it is frozen is it fairly close? The comments on canned 
> haggis for instance, seem to universally say it doesn't come close to 
> the real thing.

The difference here is that Haggis is a fully composed dish.  Lutefisk 
is pretty much an ingredient.  Nobody in the US is likely to pull a 
codfish out of the sea and cure it in lye, whilst a lot of us are 
capable of making a credible haggis.  USDA does not permit the sale of 
the stomach paunch as "organ meat" but that's life.  The flavor is not 
all that affected by use of a pudding bag or pot.  Haggis isn't bad with 
copious salt, pepper and onions, the way Eyana used to make it, peace be 
to her.

Comfort and joy to all,
Selene Colfox

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