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Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 01:28:32 PST 2009


I am working on an out of period [for this list] article on foods served at Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration.  There is a bill of fare still in existance and I have gone through at least 30 American and British cookbooks dating from 1800 to 1900 and there are listed on this bill of fare items that I cannot identify other than their general class.  I have found a lot of the recipes, but not everything.  So I am writing here to see if any of you who have done culinary history for the Civil War era and/or 1860's American food, or anyone at all, if you have heard to recipes with these titles or have even a basic clue as to what they might be.

Here is the list that I have been unsuccessful in finding:

Under the category "Cakes and Tarts":

Belle Alliance
Tart a la Nelson
Tarte a l'Orleans
Tarte a la Portugaise
Tarte a la Vienne

Under the category "Jellies and Creams":

Crême Neopolitane
Crême Chateaubriand
Crême Smyrna

I did find two recipes for Portuguese Torte and Viennese Torte from around that period, but I am not entirely sure that these are the same.  It is possible that there is a misprint.

So, is there anybody here who can help me?




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