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<<So we have been informed of a Barbecue competition to be held
at Gulf Wars. They want the Royals to be judges in addition to a
"Bean Drop" populace vote.>>
Honestly, if I were in your shoes, I would refuse to act as a judge for it.

<<There has even been talk of Food Network coming out to film it.>>
OMG you have got to be kidding.  Has the Society Media Liaison been informed 
of that?  They'd have to clear it, surely....

<<Um...why is my head about to explode?>>
Because it's the most completely unmedieval thing you can imagine, and people 
want it to be a completely official and Royal-approved SCA actvitiy?  I 
completely agree, it's ridiculous.  I'd be happy to write to the autocrats and tell 
them that, too, but since I've never been to Gulf Wars and am not likely to 
make it any time soon, I don't think my opinion would count for much.

<<I know the people involved have put a lot of work into this and think
it will a really fun event. But it just makes me twitch. Especially the
Food Network thing. That's all we need to continue the stereotype
that the SCA is nothing more than a trumped up Rennfaire who doesn't
even attempt at historic accuracy. What is next? A turkey leg competition?>>
Yes, I agree here, too.  National exposure for the SCA making an a%% out of 
itself collectively as a historical education society is not what we need.

<<And, yes, I do know that Ansteorra is hosting a Chili Night party the same 
we have done at Pennsic for years. But I consider that a totally different 
animal. We are having a fun "Texas theme" party in our camp. Yes, it again
presents a stereotype that you can't have fun and be Medieval. But at least
it is a gift given to the camp attendees. We know chili isn't period but 
are Hawaiian luaus or any of the other rather silly parties that groups 
It ain't medieval, but it's also not a) a sponsored competition which Royals 
are being asked to approve of and b) being splashed all over national TV as 
something that the SCA should be proud of doing.

<< Although I would someday love to have a big kingdom
party and serve beer, ale, wine, cider and period munchies. Just to show you
can actually enjoy period fare. >>
I think we should do it.  I bet we could get the cooks here to contribute to 
it.  I certainly would be happy to help with it.

<<I will probably get into trouble for posting this rant because as King I 
need to
support my people.>>
But should a King support his people in doing something (especially if it 
gets televised) that is going to do irreparable damage to any claim the SCA has 
to historical education for the foreseeable future?  It isn't right for a 
King's advisor to support his King in an action that the advisor knows is 
wrong-headed and will cause damage to the kingdom or the reign; it's the advisor's job 
to advise against it.  I think you are in the same situation here.  If you 
can't talk them  into stopping it, at least try to talk them out of the Food 
Network thing!
<< But as a Cooking Laurel I'm feeling terribly squicky about
the whole thing.>>
As you should, Papa, as you should.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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