[Sca-cooks] Next project, next recipe II.Ambroyno- price questions

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Feb 19 12:40:14 PST 2010

Whole chicken here is 89 cents per pound this week.
Boneless Breasts from the Amish are $3.99 per pound.
I know almonds are quite a bit more.


On Feb 19, 2010, at 3:05 PM, Raphaella DiContini wrote:

> I suppose it would partially depend on where you get all of the  
> supplies. I can occationally get chicken for 1.99lb, but almonds  
> usually run more and while I've been able to get some really nice  
> verjuice from a friend at $10 a bottle I suspect she's under  
> charging me by $2-4 to be nice (she buys by the case from the  
> vinyard). Last night's dinner cost maybe 5-6 dollars for the  
> chicken, and about the same the almonds and Agresto/ Verjuice  
> together. Some of the other bigger expenses was buying clairified  
> lard as that's not something I've had in the house (7.00 for a  
> fairly large tub), and the spices. I need to get more grains of  
> paradise as I'm nearly out, but I make the period spice mixes myself  
> from this same manuscript and they can also get quite pricy when  
> you're making the batches.

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