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I've made it both with an standard, off the shelf apple sauce and the chunky 
homemade sauce that was made at Pennsic. I though they both worked rather well. 
But I also only placed about a tablespoon of batter into the oil for each 
individual fritter to make sure that it would cook thoroughly without getting 
overcooked on the outside. The raising agent in this batter was yeast, which I 
added about an hour before dropping the batter into the oil. These definitely 
did not look like the large apple fritters that I am familiar with at the local 
doughnut shop. They came out about the size of a ping pong ball.


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Euriol said talking about recent Pennsic meals:
<<< In camp one morning I did make apple fritters from a late period Italian 
Those were made from applesauce that was left over from the previous nights meal
that was also made from fresh apples. I do not know what recipe was used for the
applesauce. >>>

How thin was this applesauce? I keep thinking of apple fritters being made by 
breading and frying chunks of apples. I guess what I've had was commercial 
applesauce and the apples have been ground/chopped pretty small and/or a fair 
amount of liquid added. Was this applesauce thicker/chunkier? 

Thinking of making apple fritters using the commercial applesauce, simply makes 
me think of disaster. But then the one time I tried apple fritters with chunks 
or apple slices didn't really work that well, either. Most of the coating didn't 
stay attached to the apples.


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