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Eduardo said:

<<< There is also a TON of information in the first five books of De Honesta on
eating fruit and cooking with fruit and vegetables.
Stay tuned for publication date of my paper "The Hidden Recipes of
Bartolomeo Sacchi: An exploration of the recipes in the first five books of
De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine".

I gave this paper at RSA in San Francisco, but am just pursuing publication
now (my job eats my life!). There are 38 Fruit Recipes and 58 Vegetable
recipes in the first five books. These do not include references about when
to eat fruit (fresh or otherwise) from a seasonal or menu standpoint (there
are lots of those recipes but I did not identify them in this paper). >>>

Neat! Please let us know how the publication of your paper progresses. 

I'd have been happy to offer you space in the Florilegium for this, but it sounds like you are working on grander or more prestigious places for publication. 

I suspect in that case that you will have to sign away the copyright or at least exclusive rights. If you would be interested in writing up a shorter or different version of your work, including info on how folks can obtain copies of this original paper, I would be happy to include such an article in the Florilegium. Or if you can publish it in multiple places, would love to have it.

For those of us not in the academic world, or just simply out of things, what is this "RSA in San Francisco"? Doesn't sound like an encryption company, which is what the initials make me think of.


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