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RSA is the Renaissance Society of America.
The conference was in San Francisco a few years ago.
>From their website 

Since 1954, the Renaissance Society of America has been the leading
organization in the Americas for the interdisciplinary study of the period
1300-1650 in Western history.

The RSA brings together members from many backgrounds who are interested in
a wide variety of disciplines related to this period.

This was the first time they had a food track. There were three of us in the
track. All tangentially related to Platina. Very fun.

I do NOT sign away rights to my papers. PPC, Oxford and other publications I
have been published in do not require you to do so.


On 9/3/10 12:10 AM, "Stefan li Rous" <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com> wrote:

> Eduardo said:
> <<< There is also a TON of information in the first five books of De Honesta
> on
> eating fruit and cooking with fruit and vegetables.
> Stay tuned for publication date of my paper "The Hidden Recipes of
> Bartolomeo Sacchi: An exploration of the recipes in the first five books of
> De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine".
> I gave this paper at RSA in San Francisco, but am just pursuing publication
> now (my job eats my life!). There are 38 Fruit Recipes and 58 Vegetable
> recipes in the first five books. These do not include references about when
> to eat fruit (fresh or otherwise) from a seasonal or menu standpoint (there
> are lots of those recipes but I did not identify them in this paper). >>>
> Neat! Please let us know how the publication of your paper progresses.
> I'd have been happy to offer you space in the Florilegium for this, but it
> sounds like you are working on grander or more prestigious places for
> publication. 
> I suspect in that case that you will have to sign away the copyright or at
> least exclusive rights. If you would be interested in writing up a shorter or
> different version of your work, including info on how folks can obtain copies
> of this original paper, I would be happy to include such an article in the
> Florilegium. Or if you can publish it in multiple places, would love to have
> it.
> For those of us not in the academic world, or just simply out of things, what
> is this "RSA in San Francisco"? Doesn't sound like an encryption company,
> which is what the initials make me think of.
> Stefan 
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