[Sca-cooks] Leftovers, questions and discussion [long]

wheezul at canby.com wheezul at canby.com
Tue Sep 7 16:10:04 PDT 2010

> Hi!
> This of course led to a lot of grousing about what was period and
> non-period.  Somehow, the conversation then digressed to pasties [the kind
> of pie dish, with meat inside a pastry crust].
> I answered with what pasties were like in period, but so many others were
> convinced that pasties were filled with meat and veggies.  I wrote that
> there was no evidence of this in period.  That the first instances of this
> were at latest during the 18th century and definately in the 19th century.
>  Then someone said that pasties were the best way to use up leftovers.  I
> wrote back and said that I could find no evidence of this at all.
> Thanks.

> Huette

Is the point of contention both meat and vegetable matter together in the
pastry?  I'd find it really helpful to know what the period pasties were
like :)


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