[Sca-cooks] Leftovers, questions and discussion [long]

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Sep 7 16:36:22 PDT 2010

First addressing the question of the rules, If the entry is for this  
contest (http://www.sca-angels.org/Anniversary2010.php)

Tempt judges’ palates with your best red & gold culinary skills in two  
divisions: Period Dishes (doc-umentation & recipe required) & No-So- 
Period Dishes (just recipe). Please supply a full ingredient list for  
all entries.

then I would think that a pre-1600 recipe along with documentation  
would be required for the Period Dishes category.

And yes that means a pre 1600 (or whatever appropriate cut-off date is  
specified) recipe from an appropriate source.

Are the rules clarified someplace else or further explained?

The Midrealm A&S rules for a Single Dish state "This entry requires  
that an original recipe be researched and
translated, and a working version created. Additional work should be  
completed regarding a
menu and historical place of the dish or food in a menu. This category  
is for 100 per cent edible
entries. It should not be used to submit Illusion Foods. Those entries  
should be entered in the
Cooking: Illusion Foods category. Likewise do not enter Brewing and  
Vinting entries in this
Documentation addresses the scholarship of the entry. It must contain  
certain elements that
address the historical origins of the dish and development of a modern  
version versus the
historical or original dish. It should:
• Demonstrate an understanding of pre-1600 historical foods, methods  
of cookery,
philosophies, etc.
• Discuss the intended environment for the dish (ex: royal feast,  
manor house, holiday
feast), what occasion the dish is created for as well as presentation  
and serving method
appropriate to the period.
• Include the original recipe and translation if not in English as  
well as the modern working
recipe. Indicate if it is an original redaction or if was developed by  
someone else.
• Provide clear instructions, procedures, and method of working that  
can be followed."

We tried to spell it all out in 2003. I did the major share of the  
rewrite and it seems to have withstood the test of time. Sometimes  
spelling it all out saves time and controversy later.


On Sep 7, 2010, at 6:57 PM, Huette von Ahrens wrote: snipped
> Anyway, I digress.  My local barony is having its anniversary  
> tournament this coming Saturday and someone on the local baronial e- 
> list asked first a question about entering a dish for a period  
> recipe cooking contest.  Her question was "Can I enter a speculative  
> dish in a period recipe contest, if I can document that all the  
> ingredients were with period?"
> My answer to her was "No.  Because you also have to document that  
> the cooking methods were known etc."  Since there was a non-period  
> cooking contest also, I encouraged her to enter it as non-period.

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