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No.  I don't think that there is any real codification for this contest.  When I won the contest thirty-five years ago, the enterer got to choose the period recipe they liked, and write up documentation about it.  Now, for the past 10 years or so, it has become a contest where the previous winner picks a theme and extra points are given for being period.  One year the theme was chocolate ... This year's theme was to be persimmons, but I managed to talk them out of it because there are none on the market, since their season has not started yet.  I came up with the red and gold theme and someone asked to have a period and non-period section. 


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> First addressing the question of the
> rules, If the entry is for this contest (http://www.sca-angels.org/Anniversary2010.php)
> Tempt judges’ palates with your best red & gold
> culinary skills in two divisions: Period Dishes
> (doc-umentation & recipe required) & No-So-Period
> Dishes (just recipe). Please supply a full ingredient list
> for all entries.
> then I would think that a pre-1600 recipe along with
> documentation would be required for the Period Dishes
> category.
> And yes that means a pre 1600 (or whatever appropriate
> cut-off date is specified) recipe from an appropriate
> source.
> Are the rules clarified someplace else or further
> explained?
> The Midrealm A&S rules for a Single Dish state "This
> entry requires that an original recipe be researched and
> translated, and a working version created. Additional work
> should be completed regarding a
> menu and historical place of the dish or food in a menu.
> This category is for 100 per cent edible
> entries. It should not be used to submit Illusion Foods.
> Those entries should be entered in the
> Cooking: Illusion Foods category. Likewise do not enter
> Brewing and Vinting entries in this
> category.
> Documentation addresses the scholarship of the entry. It
> must contain certain elements that
> address the historical origins of the dish and development
> of a modern version versus the
> historical or original dish. It should:
> • Demonstrate an understanding of pre-1600 historical
> foods, methods of cookery,
> philosophies, etc.
> • Discuss the intended environment for the dish (ex:
> royal feast, manor house, holiday
> feast), what occasion the dish is created for as well as
> presentation and serving method
> appropriate to the period.
> • Include the original recipe and translation if not in
> English as well as the modern working
> recipe. Indicate if it is an original redaction or if was
> developed by someone else.
> • Provide clear instructions, procedures, and method of
> working that can be followed."
> We tried to spell it all out in 2003. I did the major share
> of the rewrite and it seems to have withstood the test of
> time. Sometimes spelling it all out saves time and
> controversy later.
> Johnna
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> snipped
> > Anyway, I digress.  My local barony is having its
> anniversary tournament this coming Saturday and someone on
> the local baronial e-list asked first a question about
> entering a dish for a period recipe cooking contest. 
> Her question was "Can I enter a speculative dish in a period
> recipe contest, if I can document that all the ingredients
> were with period?"
> > 
> > My answer to her was "No.  Because you also have
> to document that the cooking methods were known etc." 
> Since there was a non-period cooking contest also, I
> encouraged her to enter it as non-period.
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