[Sca-cooks] Leftovers, questions and discussion [long]

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Sep 9 19:53:58 PDT 2010

>> Now, if one had access to vinegar, why not simply pickle the meat while
>> fresh?
> What if you, as the cook, forgot and left the meat out and it turned?
> Wouldn't you want to avoid that blame for the waste?
> What if you were given a budget to buy meat and you bought older meat,
> because it was cheaper, and then pocketed the rest?
> What if you had some bad meat, and some good meat, and you were allowed to
> take what was left home after you cooked for your lord?
> What if you were a vendor and your supplier brought in some meat that was
> just turning and wanted you to sell it?
> Hrethric

Household internal accounting was designed to prevent just these kinds of 
defalcations.  Monies were dispensed against planned expenses.  Goods 
received were received and dispensed by clerks.  Portions served were 
matched to the supplies delivered to the kitchen.  And each link in the 
chain was overseen by accountants.

Yes, you could find a way around the controls and steal from the Lord of the 
Manor, but if you were caught, he usually had the power of the assize and 
could hang you.


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