[Sca-cooks] persimmons

Sam Wallace guillaumedep at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 22:19:44 PDT 2010

  "Who the #$$% would come up with *persimmons*  as a surprise 
ingredient in such a contest! You probably can't even find a single 
period recipe, much less find some for food use! What a dumb idea!"

Well, it would make for quite a surprise! I used them in the first feast 
I did, which included a number of selections from A Soup for the Qan. 
Really, it only gives two bits of advice concerning this fruit:

Persimmons should not be eaten with crab.

Persimmons are sweetish in flavor, cooling, and lack poison. They cause 
ear and nose ch'i to pass, and supplement for hsu-lao, bloody stool 
insufficiency. They make the stomach ample.


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