[Sca-cooks] British Library on Medieval Food

Elise Fleming alysk at ix.netcom.com
Mon Sep 13 10:56:38 PDT 2010

Greetings!  The Tudor Cook Forum section "For Noobes" (an attempt at 
"Newbies") has five links for some sections at the British Library that 
you might enjoy.  The last one is:


The first four show pages of "Forme of Curye" recipes which are 
interesting to decipher.  The "Noobies" section of the Forum is 
accessible to all, not just registered users.  You should be able to 
access that section from 
http://www.tudorcook.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=93 .


Alys K.
Elise Fleming
alysk at ix.netcom.com

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