[Sca-cooks] substitutes for: garlic, cinnamon

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Sun Sep 19 18:43:49 PDT 2010

Hi All,

Don't know if I've asked about garlic before, but I have a very good friend who REALLY can't eat garlic.  Makes her life all kinds of interesting, AND, there are all kinds of recipes I'd like to try, because she'd eat them with me (which my Boys would NOT), but I need to get the garlic out of them.  

So, IS there any substitute for garlic, or do you just plain leave it out?  thx

And, as the winter holidays slowly begin to peek over the horizon, anybody out there who hasn't already heard that I also need a substitute for cinnamon/cannel/cassia?  {Wow, just checked teh Wiki on cinnamon!}  I don't know if there's an Indian grocery in town, but I'm going to look for the "Malabar" leaf variety!

Otherwise, anybody have any ideas for substitutions (or just "forget about it, leave it out") for sweet OR savory dishes, baking OR other (like in medieval meat recipes, eh?)


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