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Mon Sep 20 08:03:44 PDT 2010

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Michael Gunter wrote:

>> I coulda sworn that when I spent my days for nearly a year making hundreds of crepes
>> a day, with stress placed on consistency and neatness, using no special equipment but the
>> pan and a one-ounce ladle, that that was a commercial setting.
> I think places that specialize in crepes tend to use the flat pan and skimmer method. But places
> that just offer crepes as part of their menu still use the small skillet/swirl method. I know it
> wasn't commercial but when I made the 300 crepes for last year's Gulf Wars Rose Tournament
> breakfast I just used a couple of skillets and they came out fine.
>> Adamantius
> Gunthar

There's a stand at our local farmer's market that does crepes. They 
use these griddles that are slightly convex, and spreaders. Smells really 
amazingly good on a chilly morning.

I use the swirl method, with whichever pan is the right size for what I'm 
doing, and a lot of butter.

Mostly these days we make Crepes Trixie, which is Crepes Beatrice without 
the liqueur. Crepes Beatrice is crepes with a bit of lemon oil or zest in 
the batter and a sauce made of lemon juice, butter, powdered sugar, 
limoncello, and a touch of Grand Marnier. Crepes Trixie is the same thing 
without the liqueur, as mentioned, and a touch of orange juice in the 
sauce. No, I don't know why we named it Crepes Beatrice*.

*It is entirely possible, and indeed probable, that Crepes Beatrice got 
its name the same way our classes on 13th c. clothing got named "Fred" and 
"Ethel"--we needed something to call it and that was the first name that 
came to mind.

Margaret FitzWilliam

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