[Sca-cooks] Organizing Miscellany Recipes

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Mon Sep 27 11:53:12 PDT 2010

Perhaps because the Miscellany is often mentioned as THE source for  
SCA versions of Islamic recipes you should lead with and feature those  
recipes at the front.


Section I.  Islamic Dishes
  I: Meat with Sauce or Stew
  II: Fried
  III: with Legumes
  IV: with Grains, Bread, or Pasta
  V: Oven Dishes and Roasting
  VI: Relishes and Dips

Section 2. Chinese Dishes

Section 3. European Dishes
> I: Bread
> II: Vegetables
> III: Seafood
> IV: Soups
> V: Pasta, Rice, etc.
> VI: Poultry
> VII: Meat Dishes
> VIII: Meat, Cheese and Egg Pies
> VIIII: Desserts, Appetisers, Etc.
> IX:  Drinks
> X:  Sauces

Section 4. Miscellaneous

As long as you provide keyword indexing (maybe add a quick note as to  
how that can be accomplished using "find" for instance) readers ought  
to be able to browse sections and make their own comparisons.
And of course you can index the document under standard cookery  
divisions by type of dish if you wish
(pies, drinks, vegetables, fruits, etc.) and by region, language or  
country if that's available. Also even by source or manuscript. (Le  
Menagier versions; FofC versions, etc.)

I hope this makes sense.


On Sep 27, 2010, at 12:47 PM, David Friedman wrote:

> The tenth edition of our Miscellany is gradually getting done, and  
> one question that comes up is the organization of the recipes.  
> Currently, the categories are:
> snipped
> As you can see, this is a mix--mostly organized by kind of dishes,  
> but in part by area of origin. Would people find it more useful if  
> it was:
> A. Organized by area of origin, with subdivisions within each, as  
> the Islamic now is. Categories would probably be European, Islamic,  
> Indian, and Chinese.
> B. Organized by kind of dish, possibly with area of origin as a  
> subcategory.

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