[Spit-project] Regina's set up

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 13 09:16:23 PDT 2007

>We are going to build a forge etc here in Waxahachie as soon as we can get
>the time.

I'd love to have my spit blacksmithed as opposed to welded. Do you
think you guys can make one or are there any blacksmiths in
the Dallas area that might be interested?

It will be a project because I want the thing to be able to be
taken apart. So we need to figure out how to connect the legs
at the top.

I'd like a firebowl and maybe the legs go through rings to add stability.
On top of this I want some way to hang or stand a drippings pan under
the spits. Any thoughts on this?

>I get my iron from a place in Ennis, Texas. It cost me less than
>$10.00 to get enough iron (square cut)

Yeah. I'm definately going to use you for iron sources. And I'm
okay with square cut. Personally the spits will be square or
octagon in order to keep the meat from spinning.

>I don't have the expertise most of you have but am willing to help anyone
>with what I do know and what I have learned about cooking over fires for 
>last 40+ years.

Bah. I'd put pretty good odds that you are pretty much the most or
one of two or three most knowledgeable on the list about open
fire cookery.

>I am eager to learn all I can about more period set-ups.

You have a hell of a "peri-oid" set up now. Better than most

>I plan
>on cooking at Steppes Warlord this year if all goes well (on my old set-up)
>so come by and sample my fare and talk about period set-ups.

I may wind up feeding soon-to-be-Baroness Kathryn and entourage.
So I might hook up with you for something.




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