[Sca-cooks] Currywurst, and what's your favorite medieval wurst?

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Adelisa de Salernum said:
<<< So all this got me to wondering about period sausages, a-wandering about in the discussions on the Florilegium, and thinking about getting a sausage attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer.>>>

Glad to be of service!  Stefan bows deeply.

<<< As there are quite a few experienced sausage makers on this list, I'll ask, what's your favorite period sausage to make and what's your favorite to eat? >>>

First, how broad is your definition of "sausage"? Does it have to be in an intestinal casing? Or do other casings count? Haggis very much like sausage but is usually encased in a different organ.

haggis-msg (106K) 1/29/08 Scottish haggis recipes. comments on haggis.

Many period puddings are like sausages without a casing.
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Some other files just in case you missed them.
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This file has a number of messages about sausage making tools and attachments.
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A bit broader in scope than just making sausage but the final product is sausage.
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