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I've always seen it spelled, "Sukkot."  It's the Feast of Booths, mentioned
in the Bible/Torah.  Yeah, it's definitely period.  To commemorate the
wandering of the Children of Israel, people go out and make and decorate
booths (temporary dwellings/tabernacles) and have a big picnic and some
music and a religious observance.

In all, kind of like an SCA Event.  Only, "churchy."  Oh, excuse me,

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> Devra asked:
> <<< We are approaching Sukkah, the Jewish fall harvest festival, when they
> sell beautiful unblemished esrog (etrog) or citrons to use in the
> ceremonies. >>>
> Can someone relate more details about this Sukkah? This is a Jewish holiday
> that I've not heard of. I assume it is at least period and probably much
> more ancient.
> I'm pretty sure I have recipes and more info about citrons in the
> Florilegium, although I don't have a file dedicated to this particular
> fruit. Those interested might wish to try the search engine on the top page
> of the site.
> <<< My roomie does a wonderful watermelon pickle.  Would this be an
> approapriate treatment for a citron? Naturally she cuts up the watermelon
> rind, but I once saw half-citrons offered in a store.  (Of course you have
> to cut the citron up to use it in plump pud etc) but I just wondered if you
> people had any information or opinions to offer on this. >>>
> Are you wishing to candy the rind? or the fruit? or both?
> What is "plump pud"?
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> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-SWEETS/candied-fruit-msg.html
> candied-peels-art (16K) 3/21/06 "Candied Fruit Peel" by Dame Alys
> Katharine.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-SWEETS/candied-peels-art.html
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